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Holger Madsen

Educated as a teacher of art for children. Educated by children artists.
Education in professional visual communication and design on the web.

Interested in visual meditation. Self made.

Holger Madsen's baggrund og uddannelse

splitting                                  momentary enlargement
circles                                     brings no change                                  
confusion                                more of the same 
everytime they touch             rounds  
                                                linked by
one meting of two                   straight lines          
brings more into view             inaccurate                 
secret clusters                                 
angles and curves                  recognition
quite different from                incomplete
where they came from                                   
intrusive                                 despite  
complications                         disharmony     
stuck tight together                                            
in their original context         disruption   
                                                without total emption 
on the way out?                      downward thrust   
on the way in?                        and upward surge 
big and small                          within a wide range 
                                                of  possibilities
all in all                                                                 
with no exception                  even when
constant                                 torn apart    
connection                             still support              
inflection                                nevertheless  

Review / Poem by Shirley Hartz about art by Holger Madsen  

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In my work I use constructive limitations (self-imposed or from order) combined with intuitive experimentation.

The feeling can be compared to walking in an unknown landscape and deside which way to go.

The image, I am creating, give visual feedback from the process of creation.
I call this process 'Visual meditation'.

The outcome is often collage, drawings, mixed-media and/or computer-assisted works.

I am willing to teach this method.

I take your order on an image in any size (from matchbox or ex-libris to a house-end).
You can even deside one or two colors to be included.

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Holger Madsen er ArtMoney kunstner
Holger Madsen er ArtMoney kunstner.

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